Thursday, December 20, 2012

Year is rolling to a Finish

I have been diligently working on a collection of projects started these many years ago. 
This little unit was a round robin.  I wasn't particularly keen on the end robins so I removed them down to only one round other then the original round. That was done a long time ago with the thought that I would add to it, but that hasn't happened. Finished it is not, cuz I think it needs a little more bling then just the metallic thread  & cloth. But I may change my mind  :)

This was a workshop, also several years ago,  I fuzzy cut all the cats............a big waste of time as the squares were all sewn and then cut to get the bordered nesting pinwheels.  I quilted it with three large cat silhouettes, and a quote in the middle " The Cat is Back"  and one mouse silhouette...easily mistaken for a rat.
  It's done and it is a great little doll blanket, for a sweet little doll I rescued.

Speaking of cats we have found new homes for three of Lulu's kittens

 One black male named Ranger will continue to hang here.  One of my children mentioned that anything more then four pets was verging on 'madness'.....whew just made it under the madness wire.
Happy Thursday keep smiling, because as you know the Christmas thing happens any way.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Bunch o` Butterflies

One of my readers mentioned that I haven`t been posting pictures of the quilts I have been working on. I have been working on a couple of quilts for my Guilds outreach program. I didn`t take pictures of the last one, I really don`t remember why, but that`s the story. This one has been hanging about the cupboard for a while now. It had a couple of issues. The fullness in this border.
You can see the seam created with all the extra fabric. (red pin)
A pieced polyester backing was also part of the mix, not a lot of fun. Maybe I am getting too particular.  The thing is I like to be efficient at these give away works, so when there are these issues to work around the last thing I need is to watch the back end too.....sigh.
I put two layers of batt in the centre medallion to absorb the fullness. I am guessing this was a Round Robin, there being such a variety in techniques and skill levels.

 I think someone will enjoy this little number, I adore the butterflies.
Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I did It!

A small self-congratulatory note....I mailed a Christmas parcel on Dec. 4th.  It was ready on Dec. 3rd. No rush fees for that baby! Next???

Happy Tuesday,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is it?

Once upon a time, some while ago, at a dear friends home I put a book down on the stove. It was back when electrical stoves still had the raised rings, and went dark long before they were warning lights :) The book was of the kind that has the plastic peel back for arranging photos. It was being used as a recipe book. This book is still much used and oh so identifiable. I burned in the rings, perhaps a non-verbal statement about my feelings towards cooking :) And someone else drew the smiley face. I remember offering to replace the book at the was new and mostly empty, but apparently this is kitchen art.

Happy Thursday, 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flannel Stash Busting Gift Quilt

I belong to a group that focuses on using and enjoying the stash of fabric that quilters acquire. I decided I needed to re-focus on what kind of fabric belongs in my 'stash' or as I like to call it my collection. The result is.... I don't collect flannel. Now having decided this, I searched through all the flannel I have, found a few 9 patch blocks from some WIMM, and sewed them together with anything I found that 'fit', without doing any more pieced blocks. I then pieced a back for it. I used a fat batt. One that is recommended for tied quilts. It  has been hanging around for a long time.  Here is the end result.  It's a generous nap size.

This is a heavier quilt and very cuddly.  I was thinking it would end up in our living room.  My dear hubby suggest I give this to a friend who is having a kidney operation...the good news is the tumour  on the kidney is benign.
That's the story today.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back at it.

I have been away.  I spent a couple of weeks visiting Mom, in Terrace B. C.
Of course it takes a few days to find one self after being away...then I had to take the dog to the clinic. Well you know just one thing after the other, all those things that make up life away from the computer.

I am caught up with my clients quilts and a gift quilt of my own.  These Bunny Quilts are really sweet.  This blue one has a fleece back.  I learned a couple of things, cotton thread isn't a great choice, and the quilt sandwich needs to be very loose, to avoid stretch, otherwise when released from the frame it gathers in on itself.

Well that's today's story.  Happy Tuesday,

A couple of Bunny eyes got caught in the hopping foot. Which was startling, as it didn't happen in the first one.  However this can be remedied.

These are just the cutest quilts...I can just see a little person snuggled
under one of these for storytime.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Green is leaving

Just as the colours are fading I had the pleasure of quilting this pretty green and white quilt, with a pale green backing.   Quilted with a large open leaves. It was a pleasure to work on it.

How about that punny title :))Happy Saturday,

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Finish.

This quilt  has occupied most of my personal quilting time of late. Finally it is finished.  Okay truth is the label isn't on, but it has "idendifiers" quilted into it.
The pattern is my version of  a Butterfly Log Cabin.  It is not entirely batik fabrics, but mostly.  It is  a wedding gift.  I don't believe the wedding couple :) visit my blog, but if they do they will see it for the first time.  I decided to take the chance and post the pictures anyway.
And as I won't be seeing the  happy couple for awhile, I have the quilt hanging in The Fabric Shoppe, the place where I purchased the fabrics.

 Quilted with a plethora of vines and feathers.

A soft green back.

I am quite fond of this quilt, although it has stilled my desire for repetitious piecing. Next up is something without a lot of planning or measuring. Happy Friday Folks,

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's a Project

First there was the wedding and lots of company.   I had so much fun...maybe too much fun cuz now then the work began.

 We started on a home improvement projects. Our home circ 1912,  needs some fixing.  We have the 'aluminum guys' coming to do some outside work, soon we hope  :))   The arborist and crew will be pruning trees and removing one  :(
We are doing some inside work. Gone is the rusty brown coloured carpet.  Underneath we found  a hardwood perimeter and a soft wood center, very splintery.  This centre received an immediate painting, a couple of coats of floor paint in a light colour. The hard wood needs some work as well, all together not too bad.  As I am not a fan of wall to wall carpet, I am very glad the carpet is gone.

Also gone is the old green dog/fold out couch...and as we are mostly? empty nesters there will be a re-arranging of the spaces/rooms, a more practical approach to our space and habits.  Of course the couch is still on the deck, as it needs to be separated from all it's metal for re-cycle.  Fun with a sledge hammer.
Stay tuned for the wall colours...and such.
Happy witchey and warlock friends.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fur Babies


A few hours later.....

 They are a week old today.....eyes are still closed, but Mama  is leaving them for longer bits of time and more often.  Our other cat is still not aware of them, which is good. The dog looks at them, does that loud snorting smelling and has a distinct puzzled look on his face.  When dog gets too close Mama wraps herself around the kits, and glares at him. Thus far no growling, which is a comfort. The orange one is male, which is usual for orange cats, the coloured one is male and two blacks are female, one of the black ones has a white tipped tail and a chest blaze.  At first glance the other black appears to be all black, but I believe I see  some dark grey stripes developing in her fur.
So that's the story here this past week.
let me know if your in my neighbourhood and would like a Kitten  :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I did on my Summer Vacation

I think these pictures say it all.  I spent several days away sailing and watching our dog 
go frogging.

After a while the water would get well 'stirred up'...but there would be the on going staring contest,
A couple of times in appeared as if the frogs jumped at him ....too funny.

Our waterside property has changed so much.  My FIL designed and built a dock, to suit his
boating needs in 1984/5,  a year of high water.  That  first year the water would lap up, on to the

dock.  Our children grew up with water coming to the top or near top of the dock ladder.
The water was just below the bottom step (above pic) in 1986. We are at the end of a small bay
an excellent place for frogs, turtles, beavers, muscrats, herons, small male humans in boats, with fishing lines  :))  It isn't a beachy swimming kind a place it used to be, but I still love it.
Happy Wednesday,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

They are hitched!!

The family wedding went off without a hitch....well that's not true is it?  Our son and his gal got hitched.  All the visitors are gone :( and it rained.  I am most pleased about the rain, and of course the 'hitch'.  Here's a favourite picture of our bride and her Dad.  Check out the bridal shoes...gotta love that girl.

Signing the papers :))
 Three generations.....

The groomsmen, brothers of the groom.   

He was just referred to as "my husband" 
It wasn't long before the jackets and vests were was a hot evening in all ways, and not a breeze.
These are just candid camera shots.  I look forward to the  official photographer's version of this event  The newlyweds recently returned from Europe so I am hoping these pictures are available soon.
The above pictures are most of the reason why I have not posted in a while.  I will show you pictures of the other reason I have not been posting, in the next post.
Happy Sunday, hope yours is a good one.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I find it difficult to make a quilt quickly.  I can quilt a quilt quickly, constructing one for friends or family member takes much longer.  I have educated my family to this point.  They understand that I have a year to make a birthday present..because after all you will be 50 or 59 for a whole year eh! That's true of newly weds too, yes? Good because as you can guess, it is taking 'longer' then initial calculating.

Another point of this ramble is to say I received a beautiful knit shawl from my SIL a few days ago. A birthday present for this Pisces who loves blue.
The colour has is a subtle variegated sea blue.

Clear beads sparkling around the bottom edges.  This will not be stashed in the closet, it will find a home, when not on my shoulders,  it is  too yummy eye candy to hide. Thanks bunches Irene.
Also thanks for the company of your children, I had fun and I won't send you kittens  (vbg)
I am sure I will be talking kittens on this blog soon.
Happy Sunday

( I am thinking we need to start doing a rain dance on this part of the rock)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

There's a saying....

"I have been busier then a one arm woman in a paper hanging contest".... It took me a while before I got this one, I always thought of paper hanging as 'kiting', then someone said "think wall paper"....doh!

 Where have I been  and why haven't I managed to post in so long?  Well.... when the weather is warmer, I go slower,  :))  in addition I am happily overwhelmed  with company.  It seems 2012 is our summer of visitors.  There's a little time till the next visitor....Hi Donna.

I have quilted two smaller quilts. This picture does not do the colour combination  justice.  The green doesn't look green at all.  I was asked for a three leaf  meander in a matching grey, and add the date and maker's initials.  White backs are intimidating, especially with a dark coloured thread  but that's just me.

This one was done for a young fella finishing his training  in the Canadian Navy. It was needed in a 'hurry', the hurry job consisted of a few maple leaf motifs and meander filling.  I love the strips.

 Happy Saturday friends,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still quilting.

Today was the last Guild meeting of the season.  I had a great afternoon. Lots of fun.
I took part in a Guild challenge.  It was called "Name that Tune".
I also took part in a year long challenge to step out of my box or comfort zone.... I wanted to  try some new things that have been demonstrated by guild members over the last few months. So here's what I did.... first.
Picked a song I liked, got the lyrics and printed them.  Then cut these up and re arranged them (just a bit) and took a picture.  Took lots of pictures with different views and focuses..

Next, I found an old beat up guitar in our barn. (Lots of good stuff in the barn  :))  and on a sunny evening which makes for lots of great shadows, I took a lot of pictures of this,  finally printed one onto a light mottled tan fabric.  I iron the fabric onto white freezer paper and use this in the printer.

I added ' musical' fabric, a couple of skinny green borders, and repeated the 'musical' fabric in a binding.

some thread painting, a few fancy stitches programmed into the sewing machine and
some trapunto 

Have you guessed the name o that tune?  I'll give you a hint.  Neil Young.

Happy Summer,
ps don't know how I go some text on white but hey kinda neat...and I am not going to fight with blogger today 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fruit Flies

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. No bananas here, but I did quilt fruit flies in bright neon green thread all over these place mats.

Wednesday again already....happy hump day. gudrun