Sunday, March 24, 2013

Machine Applique.... a new adventure.

I made this from a commercial pattern, I purchased while on a Fat Quarter Neighbourhood Tour. See this post for an explanation of Fat Quarter Tours.

This Cat is called Stalker, he went to a new home with a friend, who recently lost a cat to heart failure.

Stalker was a lot of fun in the making :)  I hope he likes his new home.
I  put some parts from a quilt I started called Orca Bay in the border, only several
100 pieces to go.
Happy Sunday,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oldest UFO becomes a real quilt.

I finished an old UFO....I searched around to figure out just how old it is and I believe it is from 2003/04.
 It is done.  This is a Round Robin quilt. I did the centre, and the three dark slab style
borders.  I found  more of the fabric used in centre, and used it for the backing. I also found some of the pink from the centre and used it, in a two coloured binding.  I love two coloured bindings and,surprisingly simple to make.  BUT the stupid backing fabric bled. Well the fabric isn't stupid, it's the person who assumed the fabric was washed.  You know the village idiot. It's washed now!  I will wash it once, using  colour catchers, and am hoping one more time will eliminate the faint spots left.  If not I may dye the whole thing.
Happy Quilting,

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Picture

I was sent the header picture, and I am totally taken with it.  I am heading out to see those mountains really soon.  In the meantime, I have several quilts that need finishing.  Also want to take some made  gifty things, and there is a project with Community Quilts in my Guild that needs doing.

Yesterday I had a machine mishap. I always test tension, and in doing so run any oil residue off on to a scrap, imagine my surprise after starting the quilting about 10 inches into the work I see a black 'thread' for about 3".  Of, course I am looking at white thread on white fabric.  Ohohwhyme!
  • First cover this in cornstarch, go away and eat a giant piece of cake and drink a soothing cuppa.
  •  Vacuum the cornstarch.  
  •  Unsew the offending section, carefully so as to not to get more smudges. 
  • Locate yellow laundry bar soap, water, clean white terry towel, clean soft tooth brush, then gently rub soap on and dab off with damp corner of terry cloth, don't rub too hard or the fabric will show a wear spot.  Do this twice, insure soap is out, dab back with water and cloth.
  • Think happy thoughts and all will be well.    And it was.
  • This is not the quilt, this is a happy scrappy practice piece for quilting patterns. 

Happy Friday,  gudrun

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LM`s quilt, endless SID and outlining.
This is a great quilt, as per request it
is outlined with the exception of the border and the large 'blank' rusty coloured pieces. One needs to see this one, these photos do not do it justice.  Of course, had I been able to hang it, not just drape it over the the machine frame, the pictures would certainly have been better.
Sometimes, though if I wait till the
weather permits hanging, my client would be wondering what happened to their quilt.  Don't ya love winter  :))

It turned out very nice indeed.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was asked for a baby quilt, to be given as a gift. I didn't have any that I wanted to part with. I didn't want to give away the first one I made to an unknown person, and I sure wasn't ready to give up the I Spy Quilt, another one the thread bled on a white background so....I put this one together. It is a floor cloth for a baby. It has high loft batting, free form piecing and my first attempt at machine applique. I am enjoying the machine applique and am working on another small applique piece.
I am thinking this is rather "modern".  What do you think is it "modern" or just a bit weird?  I like this funky fabric and didn't want to cut too small.

The back is made from my ever shrinking stash of flannels. How big is the stash you ask? It is one
size 12 shoe box size...and not crammed full either. Ha!
Wishing everyone a wonderful melting snow time. Watch out for thin ice.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"In Like A Lion"

The  Winter Grumps are least that
is my life. I decided this winter I would work  at
 keeping the grumps away.
This winter, I invited like minded friends for a day of stitching, and talking
as one of my family calls it,  stitch and kvitch.
The first day the group consisted of nearby friends, as miserable winter
weather  should not to be pushed. The second time was also a snowy
 day....but not bad so five  of us had a few pleasant hours around my table.

Lots of sharing and  binding got done, as well as problem solving.
I think we even  solved a number of world problems.  However, the necessary
implementation for the resolution of these problems  maybe difficult.
(wow lots of syllables in that sentence...I have been reading non fiction)
In the meantime, I am not grumpy, I  having shortened
February by two days of solid play time with friends.