Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Villager Idiot or Smrt Girl?

On my long arm sewing machine, I have the ability to follow a paper pattern (pantograph). I do this using the controls at the back of the machine, using a light (or stylus) to follow a drawing.
So why am I stitching on paper, to stitch out a hockey player? duh? Perhaps because the quilt
has a vertical pattern run rather then horizontal on the frame....you know directional.
But (insert light bulb) I can position and stitch one drawing at a time, and no paper mess.
Well duh! Pickn' up speed I am.

A case for scraps.

The scraps and trimmings on the left, came from a  recent Guild work day. The small purple cushion cover arrived from I don't know where, the idea for this came from the chatter on the work day.

Sew, put the scraps in the cushion cover in such a fashion that they are flat enough to stitch a few
rows to hold it all down and there it is....a mat for the cat. This one has a zipper and
I put some cat nip in it. And to make it a big hit I put some cat nip on it as well :))

Lulu likes it.
Happy Tuesday,

Monday, March 7, 2011


I am working on what I think of as a Boston Bruins quilt. I am quilting hockey players on it. I got this little image, and reproduced it on tracing paper, tried stitching through a printer image but there was ink transfer. Pencil seemed the better choice.

The yellow fabric is not the usual quilting cotton and requires a little caution but it's coming along. Of course there will be some paper bits to clean.
Happy Quilting,