Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little hand made Quilted item

I am a machine quilter, but I do like making small things by hand. 
Here's a Kumiko Sudo style flower.
These bleeding hearts were made in memory of my Dad.   As a wee girl, he taught me how me  to see them as the ladies in bath tubs.

                                                                           Also the 2008  Guild challenge called "A Snippet of My Life", and this little memory was that.  I used the challenge fabric, but too many of my own colours. So, I didn't qualify. I like this piece. I filled in a few spots with 'found items'.  I took a piece of bamboo from our garden to keep this taut through the middle, a partial bead bracelet from a child's unfinished project is the hanging loop. Building this one was fun.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quilt Show

I had the pleasure of attending a local quilt show, &  spending a couple of hours assisting at a demonstration table, promoting my Guild.  Each group brought something they were comfortable demonstrating. I showed how to fold flowers from the Kumiko Sudo publications which I had displayed. It was fun, and interesting to listen to comments.
A lady  (known in the neighbourhood for her hats), was off to make folded flowers (just a bit larger she said) for her hats.  How 'kool' is that? She was a charmer.Folding and unfolding a sample, muttering about  remembering later, she was really tickled when I suggested she take the little sample.  Heck I was tickled she was tickled :)
The piecer of the blue New York Beauty demonstrated the construction technique for her piece. The show had a Viewers' Award which was taken by this magnificent hand appliqued quilt by Gail Hunter.

There was an area for smaller items.

There was also a tea room and the goodies were delicous.