Friday, January 27, 2012

L's Huge Sampler and more

This quilt has been hanging about in my studio longer then most prolific topper bumped this one for some others....she wasn't fond of it.   Or more specifically she was more fond of some other quilts. Sometimes when quilts are this large it's hard to grasp it all. This  has some wonderful blocks and is a very large quilt. I quilted an open feather for the body and and a veined feather  for the borders. It is a great looking quilt...quilting makes it a quilt.

This next one is very metallic with golds, taupes and browns.  It's quilted with a golden brown PolyNeon thread by Madeira 
Fussy cut Oriental Motif
And you all thought I was taking it slow....ha! Happy Quilting,
Outline quilting with stars for filler.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ode to Knitters of socks

Laugh if you like
it makes no difference to me
these are mine.
My mom made them, she doubled the heels and toes,
Some of these socks are old enough to attend school
never the inside of a dryer,
 how blessed are we to have
heated spots perfect for wet (clean) winter socks.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mission Complete

Once upon a time, I made a log cabin quilt for my eldest the story goes I worked late into the night before Christmas because I had made a rather gross error in calculating the # of blocks required for this quilt. Then came the January sewing room clean up time.  What to my wondering eyes did appear but all the blocks previous miscalculate. Hiding!! doh! Eight years later the blocks are a part of a tote bag (see this post)

I used a whole lot of green bits for the back.
I quilted it with a few medallions using a Circle Lord motif template, and filled  with a filigree style swirl, that I wanted to try...needs work :)) 

I added the binding while on the long arm, and stitched it down using the Horizon with the dual feed foot.
I tried a number of stitches...liked this the best.
Sunlight these days is at a premium,  so these photos don't do the quilt much justice, the colours are soft, and comfortable.
Anyway I am a happy quilter to finish my first UFO of the year.

 it aint great, 
it aint square 
it aint going to hang anywhere,
 it will make someone happy,
 heck it makes me happy!
Oh yeah this quilt was done completely by machine.  'Machine bindings' yeah!  I need to get a better fabric glue to assist with binding.  It was a successful mission.
Happy Wednesday,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Orca Bay Mystery Quilt

I have a new sewing machine so I need a new project (ROTFL)    I don't care for mystery quilts, but I do like this gal's quilts.    Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery Quilt instructions and pictures are here.  I am not using the same colour palette,   I am using blue for most of the red and using greens for blues.  I have the blue bits done! Undecided what will replace all the red as yet.  I also have a few prints that speak to me of  Orcsa and west coast and such  sew.....  quilting mojo is up.  YES!

I did my first 'string' piecing.  I talked with a 'string piecer' in my guild,  I know she uses fabric foundation, and that's what I am going with....hate dealing with the removal of paper.  It just ain't going to happen.
Happy Monday,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Quilts

I have quilted a number of small quilts over the past few days. One reason for this is that I have been waiting for an order of batting since end of Dec. argh! This one is a sweet flannel;  finished in time for Christmas.
This has a  little Christmas panel in the centre.....nice one!
Each little block was detailed to make it look as if   pieced.  I think this may have been better with more definition, possibly a higher loft batting or two batts

This is a single block scrappy; many of the fabrics have circles and stars, that is how I quilted it, in an all over.

I took these pictures outside on a bright day, the extra reflection from the snow makes for interesting shadowing.

This is fat-quarter friendly quilt, (6 fq)  Oriental style fabrics with a large Ginkgo leaf panto

 That's it for now.... just some of what's been happening here in between all the rest of it.
My new sewing digs have been a real bonus.  I love that it is warm in the room, I have been sitting down and sewing much more often....a good thing.
Happy Sunday,

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've been busy

 What I did on my vacation.  The room at the front of our house, isn't use except as guest room.  It will continue to have a bed in it, and my stuff.  I have divided my personal sewing from my business sewing and am in the process of moving personal stuff out of the attic....well most of it  :)  I also hope to save energy by not heating the attic as often.
 This is an after picture, three days ago this closet had 'wood' wall paper on the lower half and some kind of light colour from many years ago in the top half.  I am thinking it has been no less then 30 years since last painted.
Day one.   I painted it in a found green which was too dark for my liking. 
Day two.    This found yellow is perfect.

Day three.  Moving in

Still lots to do.  Part of the electrical tangle is the old time floor polisher standing against the wall on the right.  I need to work on the of cables... as always. Dylan taught me a word for that but it isn't one to be use in public.
Before picture of the bed with all my clothing scattered about.....and the floor polisher from the '50s But actually this is a picture of my newest tool.....Janome Horizon from the '10s.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

Not a well kept secret.....I like Star Trek,
Live, Long, & Prosper,
is the wish for
a closet Trekkie, quilter, warrior friend,
of yours.

What do you do for heart health?