Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cat Quilt

Oh  my yes a rainy day,  two postings and another cat quilt!  This piece started out as
 a set of place mats using the bits & pieces of 'cat fabric'.
 I was scrap busting! Then along came a yard sale where several more pieces
of cat fabric jumped into my arms.
This is called 'Ode to Cats'.  I have yet to add some more to the cat silhouettes,
what more I have yet to decide.
 Recently, I was chatting about how quilts look when the sun is shining
 through them.  I love what happens. The quilting is not noticeable on most of the front,
 but on a plain portion of the back, the outline quilting shows up very nicely. This scrap
quilt took much longer then I thought it should but as I had no plan....just kept sewing, cuttingsewingcutting, and then I stopped. It needs a label. It's for sale.
Happy Wednesday,


It is a rainy day today. I am pleased it's raining.  Yesterday I did
some planting....many of the  gardening shops have sales.
The 'sale babies' need to be planted quickly, that's what I did
yesterday.  I am trying cabbages this year.  I am a big fan of 'slaws'.
I planted them near by and hope soapy water on them now and again,
will deter worms and such.

I've had some fun since I last blogged.
A friend sent me a pair of scissors, a duplicate of a pair
she sent previously,  that I rave about. I in fact, panic
when I miss lay them.  The gold has been lovingly used up.
Thanks Donna, your the best!! Now I have a pair near each
sewing machine.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden Pictures

The back yard view

Orange Poppies and lupines

looking at the poppies through the spruce

a new colour,  neither pink nor orange,  growing near barn door
Okay that's enough garden for today gotta go get some quilting done. Happy Thursday folks

He's almost a real person now....that's a quote.

Grant's Hall &  Class of 2010 Engineers Queens University  June 1, 2010,  Kingston On.

 and the reason I attended.