Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Colour Quilts

I quilted this one a while ago (see  the green in the background  :) )  
This is a one colour quilt.  It's beige. As you  can see. (smile) I am so glad I am finished this piece, It's not exactly a stimulating number,  it's heavily quilted, with a paisley style meander.
But ya know it is pretty when you see it up close and personal. I used a thread with a strong shine, and not much colour.  It's very quiet.  I know someone who would suite this one....but it ain't me babe  :)

Happy Thursday folks
(this post was started in July 09. it is now Nov...but I don't know how to
adjust the date to publish it in Nov. eeh ghads )

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Lily & Oriental with Metallic Fabrics

I am a lucky gal....

I found this top for sale at a local quilt store. I quilted and bound it, now I am going to 'highlight' it.
I am starting with some trapunto and beading.
More to come....

I also worked this week, (tsk tsk...ya' ll thought I vacation all summer eh!) quilted this Oriental fabrics quilt, with a simple Gingko leaf.  The backing is a gold metallic fabric, as well lots of metallic fabrics on the front.  I found lots of 'metallic gunk' ( a specially specific name for a new to me phenomena ) in the bobbin race.  I am thinking this stuff is what gave the long arm tension headaches. sigh. I did all the tricks and tips I have learned over the past 5 years (yikes already!) of long arming to deal with tension.   I ended up blowing a fuse and having to make a trip to purchase a replacement and spares, in a near but still away hardware store  blah blah not the way I planned that day.  The good  news is Client is coming over this am so that means payday..Yeah!  I hope she likes it.  
It is a gift from the bride to a sister that  is 'standing' up with her on the big day. The pictures here do it little justice many large scale prints where left in large pieces to get a 'picture' of the fabric,  some are large portions of panels...of which I own one. 
wishing you all a happy Thursday,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Quilt Projects

I am going to say the usual...I can't believe how long its been since I posted.
I have been up to my ass in crocodiles trying to drain this swamp.
Nah... it's summer I like to be outside, so that really limits the amount of time left over
for screen play.   
 Our summer spot. 

 And this is what I did on my vacation 

The picture is taken in full sun on the deck, so is a bit washed out looking.  I don't usually
work in these kinds of colours so it was challenging to stick with it. 
I had the good fortune of acquiring someone else's ufo at a recent Guild auction. For a very small sum. I know the lovely lady these blocks belonged to, she is no longer able to sew or quilt. There was no info with this kit re designer or pattern name.
There were 8 completed blocks and 4 in various stages. I made several more from my scraps, to make this a larger quilt. There was lots of the light green fabric  included in this ufo pack. 

 I will add  a border(s) but haven't decided as to colour(s).  I am thinking of using the rest of the light green and  a tiny bit of white. Keeping it simple, making a one inch "straight"
border is enough of a challenge for this piecer.
This isn't everything, more later.
Wishing you a happy Friday. and as D A M  say