Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scrap Happy

Yesterday, I  mailed a quilt to my Mom's friend Alex. This gentleman is truly
 a gentleman, he treats my Mom with respect and kindness and jumps
to assist in any way he can.  I recently took on the maintenance of her home.
She does not care to move but does want to deal with all the problems
associated with homeownership.  In a nutshell, I am the new landlady,
 she calls me with problems.  So far all is fine, I am about 4000 kilometers
 away but hey that is just a detail.
Gentlemen are disgusted when you offer payment for work, and I am
talking plumbing...a necessary.  So I made him a quilt as I noticed
he has a threadbare old blanket on his lazy boy. Since I know him to be one of the original
recyclers, I know he will appreciate that this only cost me the postage to send it.
Sew....  made from scraps, quilted with random spirals and circles.
Backed with a flannel back(note to self            directional patterns are not a lot of fun on the back)
from LQS where I had a coupon.  And a pieced wool batt.

Once again the pictures don't do it justice even if I say so myself :))    I hope he likes it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Post Office Quilt

This quilt is called "Post Office" I am guessing that the blocks
represent mailboxes and stamps.  This is the second one of these
I have had the pleasure of quilting, the first piecer said it reminded her
of tissue boxes. Both quilts were made from batiks, too busy to see
much of the quilting except of course on the back.  This was quilted using a medium
browns variegated thread and an oak leaf panto,  the thread looks very light here
 but that is just the effect of a bright sunny day and an unskilled photographer.

Two post in one day what's with that eh?

New York Beauty

It never fails to amaze me how many days slip by between blogs.
I am sure you've all heard that line before. (smile)
I have quilted three of this style "New York Beauty" quilts,
where the points are created by folding the fabric.  Because of
this construct method the points do not lie flat and
care has to be taken quilting around them.  It was a windy day which
should explain this strange picture of the entire quilt.
Happy Monday!