Friday, December 27, 2013

It is Winter!

It is winter now, and there is no way I can forget that except when I look at the new header on this blog.  The picture tells it all....all about summer. A season I like a lot more then winter.
Here's a picture of what it really looks like here.  This was taken a few days ago, and the accumulation continues. Luckily the "2013 Ontario Ice Storm" did not reach this far north.  What we are getting is called "lake effect snow".  You may need to google that phrase.

We have had a lot of excitement, since I last posted.  I have not posted sooner about the events here as I did not want to steal the new Mom`s thunder! She need to tell the world first. We have a new family member.  She arrived a few days earlier then anticipated.  All is well with mom & baby and this newly minted Granmother is over the moon.
Uncle with Baby

Grandma G with Baby
 Oh did I mention Baby is a girl. Wahoo...raising three boys this will be
new territory. Can you tell from the picture that I am in love. The best present ever!
Happy Winter folks,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Lost Project

I have lost a project or two.  I have even held on to some lonely projects, hoping that some day .....well.
Here is a project brought to me a few months ago. I would suggest this project was one of those lonely ones, waiting for that some day.  I was chosen to make this lonely thing into something   :)  

There were two blocks that required finishing, both appliques.

A border was needed to even-out the sides

Three blocks required trapunto. 

I opened the blocks up while on the frame, as these blocks showed themselves to be mountainous,
once on the frame.I knew there would be
The quilt is flat and the corners are square.  I had an opportunity to show it to a couple of friends, the feed back was positive. I hope my client is well pleased with her new quilt.

Oh yes, this is a large quilt....too big for this Qsize bed.
Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some changes at home.

Check out the paint job of my studio door.  Interesting how you can see the stained glass window on the other side of the room.
And the back door.
Then a tree was removed...two actually from the back yard near the fence.
During the removal process, this magnolia had an unfortunate event :0  Now it looks like a wannabe Tom Thomson Stormy Weather Pine.
All of which led to these

Lots of piles of sticks.

Come back soon and you will see what they did to the front yard while I was away visiting my Mom.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Fair 2013

It's not really fall yet...calendar and sun times declare that to be near or on the 20th of Sept., but here we celebrate fall a little earlier with a delightful community event called the BEAVER VALLEY FALL FAIR.  Here are some of the things I entered.

Best in Category  :))
Birthday Block Swap 2010 Canadian Quilt Swappers Yahoo Group

Back of Birthday Blocks

Add caption
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Hope you are participating in your community fairs.

Your professionally quilted quilt should not look like this.

I am a professional long arm quilter.  I have frog stitched a time or two. I am glad that I didn't have to 'frog stitch' this quilt. It's a nice quilt, looks lovely on the front BUT is quite awful on the back.  I would never pay for this! :))

It's my quilt. I would have frog stitched a whole lot of this quilt, if it belonged to anyone else other than me.
 It is also going to become the property of a 13 y.o. and though the long arm machine had  issues
the quilt has enough stitching on it to hold it together for a very long time.  :) So, it lives without a ripper going near it. Pictures of the offending item.
Traditional Rail Fence Block, straight line angle meander in the blocks with a
a few stars.
Pebbling in the sashing, using various threads including glow in dark.
 also put in a few words and phrases significant to the recipient, who is heavily into cartooning.

Here on this Marvel Comics print back, you can see the machine problems,  (easy to see as the top and bobbin are different colours) knots in the points and missed stitches, as well as shredding thread.
I have replaced the check spring, the motor brushes, have a new bobbin case and some new bobbins
(I also purchased extra's of everything)  Sew....yes all is well again. The next quilt also one of mine finished without issues and I am happy.

Be Happy,

Even so,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Still Quilting

Just in case any one was hasn't been all vacation.

Check out this sweet red and white quilt.  I loved working on the colour combo this time of year...I get patriotic (smile)

One can see the seams shining through like stained glass in this view...  it is hanging outside on a beautiful day. Not the best time to photograph a quilt, but an opportunity is just that, never know when the next one will arrive.

Janet's Red & White
I had some (small) issues quilting the red paisley portion, as it happens,  a painted fabric, this style of fabric just messes with the tension, lots of cleaning the bobbin race.  I was asked to do one of my favourite designs in the large solid border...and some meandering things in the rest. 
 I enjoyed working on this, even so...or is that even sew.

corner view

Happy  Saturday


Friday, August 23, 2013

I have been at the 'lake' three times this summer, in 5 day sessions.  Here we do without internet...or television, didn't even turn the radio on.  Spent lots of time looking out at the lake, sailing on the lake, but not  so much swimming.  Our end of the bay is way weedy as the water level declines.)

view from our 'coffee rock'

Georgian Bay Group of Seven plus two dogs

The last sail with all the guys, now  they are  home to Albert and  Saskatchewan
These guys are happy that the wood is available, one afternoon there were seven.

Great foods this time of year, yummy fresh berries, home made waffles, and homemade Greek style yoghurt

I am home now, back at it...kinda.   I notice it takes me a few hours to remember where I am and what I need to be doing and when...but I have a quilt on the frame and the Fall Fair is coming soon.
Happy Friday,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Blog Name

This blog address remains the same, but the name has changed. It was time for this blog to reflect the fact that I no longer quilt in the attic. 
I have moved the long arm sewing machine to a now abandoned bedroom.

I am fortunate to have a bedroom long enough to accommodate the beast. I call the beast Lennie.  He sits on a 14' table and one must be able to access him from three sides, four sides would be best but...this new 3 sided arrangement works well enough.

The view has, of course changed. Stair running has dropped by one flight, but because I now also see clients in another room, on the main floor, I keep threads and other intake items there. Having clients come to this room was also a good move, because this room has its own entrance, and can be close off from the rest of the house.
So not as much concern about  how 'tidy' house is the house.  Whew!  Like that.  Now if I could enclose the lower deck and use that as an office .....such are dreams.
BTW  the header picture are this year's Poppies, in the back yard.
Happy Tuesday,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time 2013

The condition of the Roses June 30th

July 1st  Decorating for the Canada Day Parade which marches past the house.

July 4th and on the boat.

Hazy Crazy days of summer, hold the pretzels and pass the beer.  Hope y'all doing fine.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


This is what a CSA Farm portion for two looks like. Really like those white radishes...look like ping pongs...taste like radishes.  Sliced with seasoned rice wine vinegar and dill and salt.  Yum.
Happy Sunday

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I was asked what scapes are....they are delicious especially loved by garlic fans.
As garlic grows, it sends up a centre round stalk which will eventually house a seed head, before that happens this stem is soft and curls at the tip where the seed head begins.  Basically the flower stalk.

garlic scapes.
Go a head ask the googles how to use them if your imagination fails you.
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CSA Farms Canada

a bag of baby spinach
a bag of baby swiss chard (red, yellow and green stemmed)
a handful of scapes
a pint of pea pods
a bunch of kale
a bundle of white radishes
a head of lettuce (romaine)
2 small bunches of herbs (winter savory, oregano)
and a bouquet of field flowers :)

This is what was in my CSA Farm basket last Wednesday.  I have linked you to information and a listing of CSA farms, if you are wondering what I am on about. Mostly I think it important to support the people that feed us.  Mike Reid is one of those people.
That is a mess of greens for 2 adults, one adult is away and left before I got the basket.  So I blanched and froze the kale. And I have been adding spinach to the dog's food.   Hah! and he gets lots of comments on his shiney coat.  Yes, I cook for my dog, don't you?

 I  researched  recipes for pea pods and served them blanched with a sprinkle of salt, lemon juice and finely diced sweet white onion.  Yum.  As my Dad said " all those greens, gonna make your
nose twitch like a bunny".  Folks coming to dinner tonight, (this afternoon I am picking up this week's basket) they are going to have  a selection of greens! The bags were generous.
Will post a pic of today's market basket later or tomorrow :)

Happy Hump Day

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Greetings Canadians!
Wishing everyone a great weekend. I am wishing for decent weather, great food, even better beverages,  a significant lack of insects and my sweetie for company.  I wish this for everyone.
Have a stupendous weekend.....why not have a stupendous summer....yeah that`s the ticket.
Party on.....
(picture of my first quilt, finished June 30th 2001)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Goodbye King George.

His name was George, he ruled so we thought of him as King George. Yesterday he came home late, had a snuggle with his wee black friend on a favourite chair, then jumped down fell over and was gone.

  He raised a dog and two kittens, and had several two leggers love him very much.
  He was a sweet cat.  We are going to miss  you Georgie.

George from the house of Orange, raised this wee black lad.

They insisted on being together, even when the fit was tight, as long as it was  near the
cat lady, who hangs out near fabric.

His favourite place....any soft spot in the sunshine....although as a red head he
did poorly  with a lot of sun.

Bye bye sweet cat....may your sweet essence remain with us a long time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I mention this not as a whine,  just a fact ...I have had a hacking cough and cold, combined with other
ailments (I clenched my teeth so hard to control the cough, that I have irritated  a tooth). This has left me  cross as well as house/yard bound.  No one wants to meet a person with a cough...and surely not  someone  who is crossing their legs hoping they don't wet their pants while they cough.   UGH. It has been days and days! Medicines that suppress coughs also leave the cough ready to grab you a few hours later....while the cough is quiet it is gaining considerable strength, and while gaining strength, it also leaves one feeling more than the usual amount of stupid.

Here's a random thought I had while in the throes of coughing....

Thank goodness I don't live in a when.....where moss and leaves would be my choice for keeping control of the laundry created by  a pantie wetting cough.  Instead my when, allows me lovely disposable paper style products for my every comfort.

Other things...  nice things.
We celebrated 32 years together.... coughing wasn't the only reason we chose to be outside on this wonderful May day.  (Oh yeah we both had it.)

Dogs aren't welcome everywhere  :) so we go where they are.  There are still some nice beaches that are dog friendly, and  I know where to  buy dog friendly fresh food too  :)
I pick up Hawkins cheesies,  a hot bagged chicken, a baguette, 2 chocolate bars, and coffee in
Wiarton and  off we went for a superlative day.

My best pals

This pal thinks I am the boss.

We drove up the Bruce Peninsula.  Are  you wondering about the water levels on Lake Huron. The header picture is from Howdenvale.
Here are a couple more.

Happy Wednesday,