Thursday, September 12, 2013

Your professionally quilted quilt should not look like this.

I am a professional long arm quilter.  I have frog stitched a time or two. I am glad that I didn't have to 'frog stitch' this quilt. It's a nice quilt, looks lovely on the front BUT is quite awful on the back.  I would never pay for this! :))

It's my quilt. I would have frog stitched a whole lot of this quilt, if it belonged to anyone else other than me.
 It is also going to become the property of a 13 y.o. and though the long arm machine had  issues
the quilt has enough stitching on it to hold it together for a very long time.  :) So, it lives without a ripper going near it. Pictures of the offending item.
Traditional Rail Fence Block, straight line angle meander in the blocks with a
a few stars.
Pebbling in the sashing, using various threads including glow in dark.
 also put in a few words and phrases significant to the recipient, who is heavily into cartooning.

Here on this Marvel Comics print back, you can see the machine problems,  (easy to see as the top and bobbin are different colours) knots in the points and missed stitches, as well as shredding thread.
I have replaced the check spring, the motor brushes, have a new bobbin case and some new bobbins
(I also purchased extra's of everything)  Sew....yes all is well again. The next quilt also one of mine finished without issues and I am happy.

Be Happy,

Even so,


  1. I think your 13 year old recipient will love it, regardless of the minor flaws.

    I like the pebble quilting. I've been trying to do some of that, and I see that my pebbles are too much the same size. I'll have to add some variety, as yours look much better.

  2. I used the various size which I refer to as pebbles a little easier to do, and the sameish size which I refer to as 'peas' both are time intensive but simple once you get audio book is just the thing :)


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