Sunday, August 26, 2012

They are hitched!!

The family wedding went off without a hitch....well that's not true is it?  Our son and his gal got hitched.  All the visitors are gone :( and it rained.  I am most pleased about the rain, and of course the 'hitch'.  Here's a favourite picture of our bride and her Dad.  Check out the bridal shoes...gotta love that girl.

Signing the papers :))
 Three generations.....

The groomsmen, brothers of the groom.   

He was just referred to as "my husband" 
It wasn't long before the jackets and vests were was a hot evening in all ways, and not a breeze.
These are just candid camera shots.  I look forward to the  official photographer's version of this event  The newlyweds recently returned from Europe so I am hoping these pictures are available soon.
The above pictures are most of the reason why I have not posted in a while.  I will show you pictures of the other reason I have not been posting, in the next post.
Happy Sunday, hope yours is a good one.