Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Eldest is Ready

It's finished.   My eldest Un Finished Object (UFO)
It was started one sunny day in January 2009.
It took a decade.
Why did it take this long?  I attempted this 3D 
New York Beauty, when I was in the kindergarten area in the art of piecing. This was then, beyond my abilities.  Abilities have been acquired and skills honed.
 I made use of the cut pieces and all the fabric that was kitted with this project. Repaired a number of blocks and called it done.
 I could made it bigger. However, I couldn't do it then,  though I can do it now, I have no interest in ever doing a 3 dimensional point on anything larger then a small wall piece.
Also  the instructor for this method  was a dear friend who died in 2014, and for a while I tried to work on it but would end up spending the time remembering Jo, not working on the blocks. Not a bad thing to do. :))

I did a lot of quilting on it. Used the last bits of fabric for binding, sewed my name & date on it,  call it a finish.
 Oh my...Ugh sure need to get at finishing this deck floor.
Happy Wednesday.... hope your doing something you like,
ps. another empty project box

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Seat Protectors- AKA Cat Beds

It is a lot easier to wash a seat cover, then the seat. If  a cat or two or three live with you, then I highly recommend seat covers. I have a friend that recently acquired new furniture.  I happen to be her Quilty friend, and she's my cat lady....knows everything about cats.

Her new furniture is grey, her cats are mostly black. These covers have an open layered back, so they are stuffable.

One could stuff a little cat nip in them.  For Really Happy Cats.
Happy Monday,

Monday, May 13, 2019

Once upon a time, at least a decade ago, I attempted a Bargello style quilt.  I didn't like the process. I was well and truly into it before I had realized how much I disliked it. The fabrics were cut and sewn into strip sets,  one 24 " square section cut and sewn.  Recently, well I may be using the word recently loosley here, I took apart the long strip sets and did a kind of rail fence thing with some of the blues. There is too little contrast, so it's boring from a distance.  But close up I find it soothing.

The back uses a large piece
 from a stove top dye lot, from a long time ago as well and an aged piece for the insert to make it all fit.  It's nice to have this little quilt out of the way back cupboard area and into the world of living.  Yeah!!
Happy Monday, keep on keeping on,

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fold over binding

I had a portion of a panel and matching prints, that have sat idle / marinating a long time.  Sew....I did.  I needed some quickies to quilt when I had the Bliss rail system installed on Lenni.
(he was named Lenni, long before APQS made a Lenni, this Lenni is an APQS Millennium.)

As always, upgrades have a learning curve.  The system makes a big difference, the machine moves with much less effort.  My shoulders thank me.  The however is....circles are wobbly and loops have a squiggle in them, and straight lines run away from me, and so far the channel locks don't want to work, another tech call in my future. is tuff. 

 While I was at it...learning I mean, I tried a fold over binding.  I trimmed the backing to 2 inches all around, folded and clipped it down ( I really like those clips.) and machined it. Quick and easy as advertized. It is for me not, great quality.  I don't care for the waves, and I sure don't know why it waves. Reminds me of that saying.... two of three is what you will money involved in this two of three  ⇝  Back to my regular binding program.

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Owls in the Bed Room

     I spent a lovely couple of mornings making Owl panels into pillow covers.  They fit an average size bed pillow.
Around here we have numerous pillows that are no longer in circulation so this was a nice revival for them, well, two of them. The other two covers will reside in my gift bin.
      I used decorative stitches on the edges of the openings, and made them with enclosed seams. Because I can and because I am learning about decorative stitches and stabalizers. I used well aged office paper, a little heavier than  printer paper.  Remember typewriters? The paper tore away readily, and was readily available two important reasons for using it and not buying another product to do the job.

Happy Saturday,