Monday, February 20, 2017

Too Much Fun

Sometimes it is way too much fun creating an infant's quilt.
Arthur arrived just as I was finishing the last few inches of binding on this quilt.  I will embroider his name on it, and wait for an opportunity to visit a new baby :))

Arthur's parents have a SharpPei.  Now they also have Arthur.
What fun.

Best wishes to Arthur N. R. for a terrific future, may all the  creatures in your future   be friendly.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Sunday

I am enjoying working with single shape scrap quilts.
This one was completed at the end of 2016
 I call this one Four Squared.
 It has 4 inch squares, 4 inch borders measures 92 x10

details of Four Squared

Triangle Delight as the name suggests is triangles, two sewn together makes a 2.5 in. square.  Not completely random, neutral plus colour to create pinwheel.

Triangle Delight  78 x 92

Details of quilting Triangle Delight.
I will be returning this one to the long arm for some additional quilting. There
are several spots that look too puffy. Come back for a look.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Achoo How did the blog get this dusty?
I am not dusty, not at all.
I am still quilting, still enjoying the process.  Recording my (mostly) quilting journey has taken a back seat to other interests and life happenings. So, what has happened? Plenty lots!

I am Grandmother again, to a lad. Also mother-in-law again, son number 2 tied it up last fall..
The impact of these events are, well,  significant.
But for all that quilting continues.
I am presently blogging on a new computer and am stumbling around in the files looking for pictures. wondering what to transfer and where to transfer it.   It has been a while since doing these actions and I have forgot a bunch.
I took on a t shirt project a few months ago. These  are sporting event shirts dating from the late 1980s and most of the 1990s.

Sports T shirt quilt. 

Back of t shirt quilts

Also sweat shirt quilts... 
quilting viewed from reverse

quilting on solid blocks

There are still approximately 20 t shirts left, the plan has been changed to make two smaller quilts instead of a third large quilt.
coming soon. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Three Scrappy Quilts

I have an overflowing bin of scraps. Well that is not true. I have three "snowboard boot" size boxes of ready cut scraps, an under the bed size  box of surplus or orphaned blocks, and a smallish laundry basket overflowing with scraps.  I also own  (or perhaps they own me) a box of dark strings and a box of light strings.  Another story those strings!!
My latest mission is to use some of the aforementioned.

Blue Bits.

These three small quilts use about 6.5 m. in total  of scraps, that amount includes the backing which are also pieces left over from other projects.

The quilt on the left is a jelly roll quilt cut again, so that it got some life.  I also added a bit more contrast. A design exercise for me.
A 'before' picture of the Jelly Roll flimsy.  Oh ick!  what was I thinking?  A decent save, eh! 

 Front and back of  4 " squares.

I have three more larger tops, ready to be quilted, also from the scraps and  the orphaned block supply.
 Oh oh, look at  Gudrun go.... yes! I used bits of batting in these wee units, basted them together with a large whip stitch.
Keep on keeping on, its almost the weekend.
Happy Thursday,

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another finish!

     I  have a favourite group 'list' that I subscribe to, where the focus is on "stash busting".  It is an active supportive and entertaining group. Especially for those who like to use the fabric that has accumulated in various places for various reason.  This group also encourages and  issues challenges to complete projects, referred to as UFO's (un  finished objects)  :))
     Clearing things off the 'aroundtoit' is a great feeling.  I have cleared off two large projects last year and several small ones.
This project goes back several years.  It took some time for me to make this one. I got hung up down in memory lane each time I picked it up. This style of quilt is often referred to as a  memory quilt. Really?
 It contains my dad's dress shirts & a shirt of mine. I gave myself this licence as the quilt is mine and I am his only child.
G & G Quilt
A blue grey back,  quilted with fish which I drew and a pine cone pantograph
I hope you are resting in peace, Dad.