Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Greetings Canadians!
Wishing everyone a great weekend. I am wishing for decent weather, great food, even better beverages,  a significant lack of insects and my sweetie for company.  I wish this for everyone.
Have a stupendous weekend.....why not have a stupendous summer....yeah that`s the ticket.
Party on.....
(picture of my first quilt, finished June 30th 2001)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Goodbye King George.

His name was George, he ruled so we thought of him as King George. Yesterday he came home late, had a snuggle with his wee black friend on a favourite chair, then jumped down fell over and was gone.

  He raised a dog and two kittens, and had several two leggers love him very much.
  He was a sweet cat.  We are going to miss  you Georgie.

George from the house of Orange, raised this wee black lad.

They insisted on being together, even when the fit was tight, as long as it was  near the
cat lady, who hangs out near fabric.

His favourite place....any soft spot in the sunshine....although as a red head he
did poorly  with a lot of sun.

Bye bye sweet cat....may your sweet essence remain with us a long time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I mention this not as a whine,  just a fact ...I have had a hacking cough and cold, combined with other
ailments (I clenched my teeth so hard to control the cough, that I have irritated  a tooth). This has left me  cross as well as house/yard bound.  No one wants to meet a person with a cough...and surely not  someone  who is crossing their legs hoping they don't wet their pants while they cough.   UGH. It has been days and days! Medicines that suppress coughs also leave the cough ready to grab you a few hours later....while the cough is quiet it is gaining considerable strength, and while gaining strength, it also leaves one feeling more than the usual amount of stupid.

Here's a random thought I had while in the throes of coughing....

Thank goodness I don't live in a when.....where moss and leaves would be my choice for keeping control of the laundry created by  a pantie wetting cough.  Instead my when, allows me lovely disposable paper style products for my every comfort.

Other things...  nice things.
We celebrated 32 years together.... coughing wasn't the only reason we chose to be outside on this wonderful May day.  (Oh yeah we both had it.)

Dogs aren't welcome everywhere  :) so we go where they are.  There are still some nice beaches that are dog friendly, and  I know where to  buy dog friendly fresh food too  :)
I pick up Hawkins cheesies,  a hot bagged chicken, a baguette, 2 chocolate bars, and coffee in
Wiarton and  off we went for a superlative day.

My best pals

This pal thinks I am the boss.

We drove up the Bruce Peninsula.  Are  you wondering about the water levels on Lake Huron. The header picture is from Howdenvale.
Here are a couple more.

Happy Wednesday,