Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter is Now!

This is the window in the outer door of the upper deck......100 year old homes have their problems.  :)  Furnace works. plumbing is still okay, fridge is full, my fellas are dealing with the snow.  Life is good.
Happy Wednesday,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pin Wheels

Pinwheel blocks are usually bias cut blocks, these are not. Pieces are cut from the corner of a square, on enough of an angle to get the tilt in the wheel without being bias. It was easy until the cats sleep on the tray I had all the pieces placed in, in correct sewing order. This happened more then once....and I am sticking to that story. That should explain why this didn't get to be a Christmas pressie, and why some of the colour contrast became rather blended   Yes! that is the story...too many cats. There are 50% less cats now.
Merry Christmas part two to my BB Donna!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Numbers and Colours a Question.

2013!  Some days I am startled,  or is that I startle when that number 2013 rolls across my brain.
I wonder what it is about that number?
So here's an odd question, do any of you 'see' or associate a colour with a number?
Wishing everyone an exemplary 2013!   On to quilting  :)
 This quilt is called Rose Cottage, lots of sweet applique, lots of buttons. This was stitched freehand from the front. The piecer knows about the pros & cons of sewing on the buttons before quilting...her choice.

Here it is displayed on a queen size bed

The colours are not very clear in this picture of a crib size quilt.  I find  it a very pleasing green, looks a tad grey here.  A very quick all over large stipple is all this needed. 
Wahoo....I am sure enjoying having the long arm in a warm room in stead of the very cool Attic.
Happy Wednesday...good ol hump day...weekends almost here.