Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Lost Project

I have lost a project or two.  I have even held on to some lonely projects, hoping that some day .....well.
Here is a project brought to me a few months ago. I would suggest this project was one of those lonely ones, waiting for that some day.  I was chosen to make this lonely thing into something   :)  

There were two blocks that required finishing, both appliques.

A border was needed to even-out the sides

Three blocks required trapunto. 

I opened the blocks up while on the frame, as these blocks showed themselves to be mountainous,
once on the frame.I knew there would be
The quilt is flat and the corners are square.  I had an opportunity to show it to a couple of friends, the feed back was positive. I hope my client is well pleased with her new quilt.

Oh yes, this is a large quilt....too big for this Qsize bed.
Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some changes at home.

Check out the paint job of my studio door.  Interesting how you can see the stained glass window on the other side of the room.
And the back door.
Then a tree was removed...two actually from the back yard near the fence.
During the removal process, this magnolia had an unfortunate event :0  Now it looks like a wannabe Tom Thomson Stormy Weather Pine.
All of which led to these

Lots of piles of sticks.

Come back soon and you will see what they did to the front yard while I was away visiting my Mom.