Tuesday, December 15, 2009

$10 Quilt Club

A local quilt shop runs a $10 Quilt Club.
For $10, you contract to come to the
shop, at a designated time, to pick up a
kit (colour choices made ahead of time) to be completed
by the next meeting. There you get the next kit, 
having arrived with your completed
block from the previous time. If you miss, 
either by not doing your homework or not 
making a meeting, you pay $10., to keep
going with the kits. (You do this every time you blow it :))

Here's pictures of a recent one, done by a newbie quilter.
She's got a good handle on the process. She liked what
I did, and I did it within her budget.
I tried the smaller picture
format. I don't care for it. Back to the usual, next.
Happy Tuesday

Friday, December 11, 2009

Late Autumn a lot like winter

A picture  is worth a thousand words. Well at least a few...this is todays view from my

 Winter has arrived...not by the calendar but it is here.

Happy Winter Friends!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More tidy up

Sew....I did all that organizing.  I also 'tidied' all the plants, in my Attic.
They were all watered well, and all the unsightly bits removed.
Then  I cleaned the floor, being a bit wet.  Look at what I found....

Wash-away thread...washed away by the water on the 
floor from playing with plants.  (sigh)
Happy Hump Day,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tidy Up Time

Procrastination has hit an all time high in the Attic.  I stay busy whileI procrastinate.  I  'tidy' when I procrastinate, or another way to put it is to say I  sharpen All my pencils before I start. In this case I sorted fabric.  I felt every last piece.  I folded and sorted. Any piece less then a 1/4 m.  is in a laundry basket. (A project for another pencil sharpening attack.) Pieces between .25 and 1 m. are folded one way, one meter or larger is folded another way, both are folded to fit the storage unit.   I am so impressed....I impress easily, tis true. But look at this,  is it not marvelous!

From this to 


and this and four fully folded drawers more. (Great alliteration eh!)
 Now I really must get those Christmas sewing projects
started.  hee hee 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Recycle" The story of Trish's Quilt

This quilt is called "Recycle".  It is going home to the maker's
son.  Son works in our neighbourhood's solid waste management arena  (where is this
going?) Well, the symbols for this industry are green and circular, the quilt was made
with mostly scraps. It is a happy quilt, all those lovely bits of fabric. It sure made this long armed quilter happy as she recognized so many fabrics and  hung out in the memories 
that belong with them for a few hours.

Spirals and a small circle, and a small swirly thing along the
edges.  The edges were serged, and there was a generous seam allowance for points. 

Every quilt has its challenges, true here too. This one is large, lots of piecing, bias edges.
 Translates into a  heavy quilt and  some wonk to the edges. Having quilted many quilts I say
fore warned makes life a bit easier.
As I got closer to the end (even though I was careful with "the wax off wax on")
I knew there would be stretch as I got to the end of the quilt.
To tug on a quilt, or moosh it around too much (there is a lot of stretch in fabric)
 is to give myself a big head ache. (Gently, gently always gently. )  

It looks like a lot of fullness, not really though,
carefully as  George watches, I pin down the edge easing in the fullness, watching that the pattern lines are straight.


Sew...go back to the top for  another look at the finish  ...turned out great.  Trish's idea of the spirals was a great finish to this happy quilt.
Happy Sunday,
ps the picture was the correct orientation on the desk top, don't know how
to fix it, don't strain your neck muscles looking   :)