Tuesday, December 15, 2009

$10 Quilt Club

A local quilt shop runs a $10 Quilt Club.
For $10, you contract to come to the
shop, at a designated time, to pick up a
kit (colour choices made ahead of time) to be completed
by the next meeting. There you get the next kit, 
having arrived with your completed
block from the previous time. If you miss, 
either by not doing your homework or not 
making a meeting, you pay $10., to keep
going with the kits. (You do this every time you blow it :))

Here's pictures of a recent one, done by a newbie quilter.
She's got a good handle on the process. She liked what
I did, and I did it within her budget.
I tried the smaller picture
format. I don't care for it. Back to the usual, next.
Happy Tuesday

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