Friday, October 15, 2010

House Keeping

Housekeeping translates to house cleaning for a lot of that 'keeping', does it not?
I have a young capable male hanging his hat here, and he was put to work, on Tuesday
after a long lazy Thanksgiving weekend... and he was efficient.

The carpets have been shampooed, which means the furniture was all cleared off,
(I got the pleasure of cleaning all the klinkerlitz.)  and moved away from the walls.
Which meant the woodwork was available ?? for cleaning, as was the furniture??
Boy does it look polished in here. Now for some window cleaning before cold and
grey sets in....nothing more depressing then looking at miserable weather through
skunked up windows.

And just when I thought I had a handle on all the cleaning. I noticed something else that
requires attention and this looks like the best method. Check it out :))

Hope it doesn't die when I do this.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Valley Tour

One thing I like to do is tour the valley for colours.

View of Old Baldy from Talisman

That's the tour for today, back to the attic and quilting, 
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit more about the "Attic".

(In answer to Teresa's comment)
Discovering this space was the best! I realize I have been blessed.

My sweetie calls it the 'Quiltorium'. This space would not work for anyone taller, 
there are a couple of spots where I feel the 'ceiling. I am 5'4",
The slant walls or knee walls in the 'alley' where I have the Beast fit me well enough, and 
it is big enough on the far end to get around without wacking myself on something :)
I am not the most graceful of creatures :))
The alley width is also more generous then it appears, I have a small shelf in one corner
and and old sheet music cupboard for pantos in the other corner. I am 
guess-timating the alley is about 8 ft. wide, and I have a 14' frame.

The first consideration I had was getting the poles for the frame up into the attic. We thought of hoisting them through a window, but luckily it wasn't required.

We did not do much to make this space serviceable mostly organization and elbow grease
It is a work in progress. I am keen on it :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Studio Tour

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. I had my 'boys' home!
It was just lovely, I even enjoyed all the cooking...huh!

Thanksgiving weekend in my neighbourhood is traditionally a 'studio tour' weekend.
Various artists open their studios for viewing and promotion/sale of wares or services.
I think these tours are great. Artist friends who participate, tell me these tours leave them exhausted.
Perhaps that is why sometimes several people show out of one studio.
My studio is located in the attic of our family home. Because of my location,
(and other reasons) I see clients by appointment. A studio tour is a wonderful way to
see what & where artists create.

I just can not see myself joining as a tour stop. I don't see myself committing
to 2 full days of a tour event. A few hours of open house I can, and have done.
I can also give my friends a jpeg tour of my space.

Come on in...

Please enter through the front door up, continue up a straight staircase, down a hallway,
past a number of doors to another flight of stairs. I warn clients about stair climbing, those unable to are accommodated in my living room. (Need much advance notice for this.)

looking down past the stained glass

            second stair case 

At the top of the stairs, left

Here's the 'Beast' I call him Lenni, now APQS
put out a model called Lenni, he needs a name change!

Design Wall
Closer view of my apple ladder quilt holder :))
Well folks that's it!   You really don't want to see the work me you really don't.
Next post is a tour of my valley.

ps I give up trying to get these pics in the order I want.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Small Quilts

Long armers are the perfect match for large quilts so we get a lot of them.  It is such fun to
get some small ones. This was done in a heart meander.
Scrappy Bingo

The next one is for our Community Quilt Program.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Fall Fair Win

The quilt from a previous post, "Some Days are Diamonds"  where I explained how I adjusted
a full border on a quilt based on the pattern "I Had A Dream".  I am so pleased that this method
worked well, well enough to give the piecer  a 'second place' in her category at
 the Great Northern Exhibit, Fall Fair .
You go Sandy!!
(I have the remnants of a cold and some annoying allergies, only George and I  here today, so I am blogging, and surfing instead of quilting. Later  I'll go outside for a bit.... see how the spider webs are doing  :)) 


I purchased a new quilting technique book last evening at a Guild gathering. I just could not help myself. A much better purchase then my last book, but that's another story.
The author did an excellent Powerpoint presentation, as well as a trunk show of the journey that took her to writing a book about papercut-applique quilts.
Kathy K Wylie.  The book is called Sewflakes, and for those who enjoy applique I think
this book is a treasure.  I am still on the fence about applique.


Pictures, by request.

 I was asked for pictures of the too-small mixer-cover-giant-teapot cover.
I am having a little trouble with I (stupid) Photo.  This program restarts at # 1 when you get to
9999, so now I have number duplications and it won't let me add pictures to files it wants to
replace pictures.  If anyone knows how to fix this I'd be more then happy to hear from you.
In the mean time I am muddling along.....

How is this flat thing suppose to fit over a large kitchen aid mixer?
Made from 50's seed sack.

Played with flower drawing

A strange still life to illustrate the size of the teapot
(that's an average size peach beside it)

We have since adjusted the style, by rolling the bottom up, in
Canadian toque rolling fashion...imagine it with a big rim from the inside fabric.

Inside fabric, also 50's grain sack.

That's the story,
Happy Wednesday