Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pictures, by request.

 I was asked for pictures of the too-small mixer-cover-giant-teapot cover.
I am having a little trouble with I (stupid) Photo.  This program restarts at # 1 when you get to
9999, so now I have number duplications and it won't let me add pictures to files it wants to
replace pictures.  If anyone knows how to fix this I'd be more then happy to hear from you.
In the mean time I am muddling along.....

How is this flat thing suppose to fit over a large kitchen aid mixer?
Made from 50's seed sack.

Played with flower drawing

A strange still life to illustrate the size of the teapot
(that's an average size peach beside it)

We have since adjusted the style, by rolling the bottom up, in
Canadian toque rolling fashion...imagine it with a big rim from the inside fabric.

Inside fabric, also 50's grain sack.

That's the story,
Happy Wednesday

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