Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Studio Tour

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. I had my 'boys' home!
It was just lovely, I even enjoyed all the cooking...huh!

Thanksgiving weekend in my neighbourhood is traditionally a 'studio tour' weekend.
Various artists open their studios for viewing and promotion/sale of wares or services.
I think these tours are great. Artist friends who participate, tell me these tours leave them exhausted.
Perhaps that is why sometimes several people show out of one studio.
My studio is located in the attic of our family home. Because of my location,
(and other reasons) I see clients by appointment. A studio tour is a wonderful way to
see what & where artists create.

I just can not see myself joining as a tour stop. I don't see myself committing
to 2 full days of a tour event. A few hours of open house I can, and have done.
I can also give my friends a jpeg tour of my space.

Come on in...

Please enter through the front door up, continue up a straight staircase, down a hallway,
past a number of doors to another flight of stairs. I warn clients about stair climbing, those unable to are accommodated in my living room. (Need much advance notice for this.)

looking down past the stained glass

            second stair case 

At the top of the stairs, left

Here's the 'Beast' I call him Lenni, now APQS
put out a model called Lenni, he needs a name change!

Design Wall
Closer view of my apple ladder quilt holder :))
Well folks that's it!   You really don't want to see the work tables...trust me you really don't.
Next post is a tour of my valley.

ps I give up trying to get these pics in the order I want.


  1. Thank you for sharing your studio pictures. Would you share how large is your work space? I have a similar attic and have wondered about turning it into my sewing/quilting room but was just not sure the space would work for the frame with the ceiling slant. It looks like it is a bit tight for you...but great to see someone making the area work for them.

  2. Thank you for that story and I think it is a wonderful idea.


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