Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit more about the "Attic".

(In answer to Teresa's comment)
Discovering this space was the best! I realize I have been blessed.

My sweetie calls it the 'Quiltorium'. This space would not work for anyone taller, 
there are a couple of spots where I feel the 'ceiling. I am 5'4",
The slant walls or knee walls in the 'alley' where I have the Beast fit me well enough, and 
it is big enough on the far end to get around without wacking myself on something :)
I am not the most graceful of creatures :))
The alley width is also more generous then it appears, I have a small shelf in one corner
and and old sheet music cupboard for pantos in the other corner. I am 
guess-timating the alley is about 8 ft. wide, and I have a 14' frame.

The first consideration I had was getting the poles for the frame up into the attic. We thought of hoisting them through a window, but luckily it wasn't required.

We did not do much to make this space serviceable mostly organization and elbow grease
It is a work in progress. I am keen on it :)


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