Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roses are blooming!

Pictures say it all.

Have a great Tuesday, 

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 1st and Yard sale find..wahoo!

July 1st is Canada Day  & Parade time.....yeah I know I am a posting late :)) but I wasn't late  for the parade....it goes right by our home.  I like to show quilts.
And this guy was a huge hit and made lots of folks smile.

The next day, Saturday  DH and I took a road trip which included  a Quilt Shop.  On the way, we saw a sewing machine at a yard sale. I had to look,and I had to buy.
Yes, dear it says $35.  It  is very dirty.

It took a couple of hours of thorough and gentle cleaning and it runs!! 
A properly wound bobbin and now it runs reasonably well. Still a little tweaking required... need to read the manual.
``After`` pictures coming....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quilts galore....

Log cabins quilts are a personal favourite. This log cabin has a large open design on it. It is going to have additional Prairie Points, I wish I could see it finished. 

 Some sweet pansy fabric in this little quilt, it was quilted with a freehand floral pattern.

And this almost all white quilt, was also quilted with a floral freehand. White quilts are nerve racking....
never know if a bit of  a smudge will arrive when one isn't paying full attention :))

And then I did a little challenge called
"Self Portrait"

Almost up to date with client quilts....and it is getting too warm in the attic to quilt so being up to date is a good thing.
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer or winter depending on where you are..... be here now.