Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is it?

Once upon a time, some while ago, at a dear friends home I put a book down on the stove. It was back when electrical stoves still had the raised rings, and went dark long before they were warning lights :) The book was of the kind that has the plastic peel back for arranging photos. It was being used as a recipe book. This book is still much used and oh so identifiable. I burned in the rings, perhaps a non-verbal statement about my feelings towards cooking :) And someone else drew the smiley face. I remember offering to replace the book at the was new and mostly empty, but apparently this is kitchen art.

Happy Thursday, 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flannel Stash Busting Gift Quilt

I belong to a group that focuses on using and enjoying the stash of fabric that quilters acquire. I decided I needed to re-focus on what kind of fabric belongs in my 'stash' or as I like to call it my collection. The result is.... I don't collect flannel. Now having decided this, I searched through all the flannel I have, found a few 9 patch blocks from some WIMM, and sewed them together with anything I found that 'fit', without doing any more pieced blocks. I then pieced a back for it. I used a fat batt. One that is recommended for tied quilts. It  has been hanging around for a long time.  Here is the end result.  It's a generous nap size.

This is a heavier quilt and very cuddly.  I was thinking it would end up in our living room.  My dear hubby suggest I give this to a friend who is having a kidney operation...the good news is the tumour  on the kidney is benign.
That's the story today.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back at it.

I have been away.  I spent a couple of weeks visiting Mom, in Terrace B. C.
Of course it takes a few days to find one self after being away...then I had to take the dog to the clinic. Well you know just one thing after the other, all those things that make up life away from the computer.

I am caught up with my clients quilts and a gift quilt of my own.  These Bunny Quilts are really sweet.  This blue one has a fleece back.  I learned a couple of things, cotton thread isn't a great choice, and the quilt sandwich needs to be very loose, to avoid stretch, otherwise when released from the frame it gathers in on itself.

Well that's today's story.  Happy Tuesday,

A couple of Bunny eyes got caught in the hopping foot. Which was startling, as it didn't happen in the first one.  However this can be remedied.

These are just the cutest quilts...I can just see a little person snuggled
under one of these for storytime.