Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flannel Stash Busting Gift Quilt

I belong to a group that focuses on using and enjoying the stash of fabric that quilters acquire. I decided I needed to re-focus on what kind of fabric belongs in my 'stash' or as I like to call it my collection. The result is.... I don't collect flannel. Now having decided this, I searched through all the flannel I have, found a few 9 patch blocks from some WIMM, and sewed them together with anything I found that 'fit', without doing any more pieced blocks. I then pieced a back for it. I used a fat batt. One that is recommended for tied quilts. It  has been hanging around for a long time.  Here is the end result.  It's a generous nap size.

This is a heavier quilt and very cuddly.  I was thinking it would end up in our living room.  My dear hubby suggest I give this to a friend who is having a kidney operation...the good news is the tumour  on the kidney is benign.
That's the story today.
Happy Wednesday

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