Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Blog Name

This blog address remains the same, but the name has changed. It was time for this blog to reflect the fact that I no longer quilt in the attic. 
I have moved the long arm sewing machine to a now abandoned bedroom.

I am fortunate to have a bedroom long enough to accommodate the beast. I call the beast Lennie.  He sits on a 14' table and one must be able to access him from three sides, four sides would be best but...this new 3 sided arrangement works well enough.

The view has, of course changed. Stair running has dropped by one flight, but because I now also see clients in another room, on the main floor, I keep threads and other intake items there. Having clients come to this room was also a good move, because this room has its own entrance, and can be close off from the rest of the house.
So not as much concern about  how 'tidy' house is the house.  Whew!  Like that.  Now if I could enclose the lower deck and use that as an office .....such are dreams.
BTW  the header picture are this year's Poppies, in the back yard.
Happy Tuesday,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time 2013

The condition of the Roses June 30th

July 1st  Decorating for the Canada Day Parade which marches past the house.

July 4th and on the boat.

Hazy Crazy days of summer, hold the pretzels and pass the beer.  Hope y'all doing fine.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


This is what a CSA Farm portion for two looks like. Really like those white radishes...look like ping pongs...taste like radishes.  Sliced with seasoned rice wine vinegar and dill and salt.  Yum.
Happy Sunday

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I was asked what scapes are....they are delicious especially loved by garlic fans.
As garlic grows, it sends up a centre round stalk which will eventually house a seed head, before that happens this stem is soft and curls at the tip where the seed head begins.  Basically the flower stalk.

garlic scapes.
Go a head ask the googles how to use them if your imagination fails you.
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CSA Farms Canada

a bag of baby spinach
a bag of baby swiss chard (red, yellow and green stemmed)
a handful of scapes
a pint of pea pods
a bunch of kale
a bundle of white radishes
a head of lettuce (romaine)
2 small bunches of herbs (winter savory, oregano)
and a bouquet of field flowers :)

This is what was in my CSA Farm basket last Wednesday.  I have linked you to information and a listing of CSA farms, if you are wondering what I am on about. Mostly I think it important to support the people that feed us.  Mike Reid is one of those people.
That is a mess of greens for 2 adults, one adult is away and left before I got the basket.  So I blanched and froze the kale. And I have been adding spinach to the dog's food.   Hah! and he gets lots of comments on his shiney coat.  Yes, I cook for my dog, don't you?

 I  researched  recipes for pea pods and served them blanched with a sprinkle of salt, lemon juice and finely diced sweet white onion.  Yum.  As my Dad said " all those greens, gonna make your
nose twitch like a bunny".  Folks coming to dinner tonight, (this afternoon I am picking up this week's basket) they are going to have  a selection of greens! The bags were generous.
Will post a pic of today's market basket later or tomorrow :)

Happy Hump Day