Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Blog Name

This blog address remains the same, but the name has changed. It was time for this blog to reflect the fact that I no longer quilt in the attic. 
I have moved the long arm sewing machine to a now abandoned bedroom.

I am fortunate to have a bedroom long enough to accommodate the beast. I call the beast Lennie.  He sits on a 14' table and one must be able to access him from three sides, four sides would be best but...this new 3 sided arrangement works well enough.

The view has, of course changed. Stair running has dropped by one flight, but because I now also see clients in another room, on the main floor, I keep threads and other intake items there. Having clients come to this room was also a good move, because this room has its own entrance, and can be close off from the rest of the house.
So not as much concern about  how 'tidy' house is the house.  Whew!  Like that.  Now if I could enclose the lower deck and use that as an office .....such are dreams.
BTW  the header picture are this year's Poppies, in the back yard.
Happy Tuesday,


  1. Your new name made me smile. Good luck in your new quilting room!

  2. Smiling is great! Thank's Colleen.


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