Monday, October 20, 2014

Harvest Time...Thankgsgiving

Thanksgiving is my favourite time of year. We had a full table and lots of family  and friends to celebrate.

Then a few days later a friend and I got together to work with the local harvest.

The beginning 
 We doubled the recipe, had two canners working.
This is some of my share....21  pints and 13 quarts of Antipasto (two broke)
WAHOO.  A friend helping is the best...many hands make light work, so true as long as the kitchen isn't too small, and there is room for the kitchen dance.

There was a small quilt finish last week as well...but the best part of the week
was visiting with Anna and Boris.
Boris stayed in our home in 2001 as an exchange student. Thirteen years later, it was a pleasure to visit with him again for a few days.

Hoping everyone has finished all the lovely treats that Thanksgiving leaves in the
fridge and pantry.  I gave the last of the turkey bits to a happy dog this morning.
Have a great Monday,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

June to October

I played with Ares, best dog in the world,
 I went sailing on Georgian Bay.
 I did a little quilting.
I finished a 'flimsie" = that which still needs quilting and binding to call it a quilt.  This one is made from my Dads shirts. It is going to hang out on our couch...those shirts are familiar with hanging out on a couch.

That's what I did  and here's what I am also a part in it is happening to my home.

A rotten brick chimney coming down.

A non functioning fireplace being re-purposed....

Stay tuned for the grand finish.....
Happy Sunday,