Friday, November 26, 2010

Home Again

I prefer to keep this blog a 'pleasant' place to visit... whinging is
not something I like to get into but I am going to Whinge.
A month away I am home to a dead computer. acck! Lots of plans go on immediate hold.
DH., is going to be depending on crutches for the next several weeks(months!)
Okay done. Thanks for listening :))

I have been visiting our west coast in Terrace, and Vancouver. It was wet, and cold.
Which is just how I remember November when I lived there.
I was once again very taken with the greens. Perhaps
it is the moisture in the air, that changes the intensity of some colours.
And the moss in's everywhere. It's green.(grin)

My 'puter came back from the doc's. Not good. My data is retrievable but the
power supply is no longer being manufactured.
I am writing on my sons wee netbook.
I may just end up with something similar.

I purchased some great regional fabrics while in Terrace.
I will post pictures as computer issues are resolved, sigh.

Wishing all those celebrating Harvest and Light Festivals a safe and happy time.
(who is getting festive with a first string of lights)