Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jelly rolls

Many quilters are purchasing "precuts" called Jelly-rolls, layer cakes etc. I don't recall all the names but I do recall the names to be bakery like. The names are puzzling to it because quilting like other sedentary occupations can be / is girth spreading like the bakery bits or.... well that is one idea,  just wondering  :)) Where is this going....a smallish quilt made from a fabric jelly roll. Strips 2.5 in. and here ya go...sweet quilt in a trice.

 I quilted straight lines in the stars, except the middle, feathery bits on the lights. I'd love to hear how you would have quilted this one. ( wind blew just as I took the case you were wondering)

I took a liking to the backing fabric.
the middle star was quilted with a double 16 point star and a couple of circles in the centre.

Hope you are all enjoying a happy Saturday.

Friday, February 10, 2012


The new sewing machine needed to have some of those pretty built in stitches tested, so I made

some 'post cards'.  The stiffener is a heavy fusible by Timtex.  Pictures explains the the rest.  I made several of these, and even mailed some.
Fun Fun.....happy Friday all,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The last of January

It's always lovely to say goodbye to January. A Couple of views of the last days of January.

And here's Lulu a year later

And to finish this post with a quilt picture. A very large quilt that I was asked to baste on the longarm, ready for lap quilting. I think machine basting  is the way to weighty pins.  (unless you hand baste but life may be too short for that too)  It is very pretty, soft old fashion
colours and beautiful piecing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Oh Yeah!  January is gone.....and it flew by!
Last Saturday I tried something I wanted to do, for sometime.  I have been inspired again to
try, by seeing a  more scrap busting style quilts on a yahoo group I joined called Stash Busters.
I cut and pieced a crib quilt in an afternoon.   Whew!  I  received a lovely box of coordinated fabrics, of which I used a few and was left with a group that just called to be made in to a happy quilt for a small creature.  I thought I would experiment with these. Of course as you know it isn't a quilt yet.  It doesn't look like much....but getting closer. I learned a lot and I want to try it again. It's liberating to cut and sew and watch it grow.
  One thing I learned, I am not great at hurrying...but I did sew a small simple quilt top in an afternoon.
Therefor I should be able to get a special wedding quilt finished by August...unless I get sidetracked making small smiley quilts.
I am thinking of a plain back, and quilted with flowers and a butterfly or two.....use up some thread spool ends.
Fun  :)