Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jelly rolls

Many quilters are purchasing "precuts" called Jelly-rolls, layer cakes etc. I don't recall all the names but I do recall the names to be bakery like. The names are puzzling to it because quilting like other sedentary occupations can be / is girth spreading like the bakery bits or.... well that is one idea,  just wondering  :)) Where is this going....a smallish quilt made from a fabric jelly roll. Strips 2.5 in. and here ya go...sweet quilt in a trice.

 I quilted straight lines in the stars, except the middle, feathery bits on the lights. I'd love to hear how you would have quilted this one. ( wind blew just as I took the case you were wondering)

I took a liking to the backing fabric.
the middle star was quilted with a double 16 point star and a couple of circles in the centre.

Hope you are all enjoying a happy Saturday.

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