Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had an extra wonderful day recently.   I have had a number of them.  This one started with "Good Morning Happy Birthday! have wonderful day,  here's your coffee" and  next to me were stacked new quilt books from my Guild's library.  Oh and then phone calls.  I so love the Birthday phone calls, Mom first, everyone wishing me more Birth Day celebrations in the future.   I missed one call from a friend in Germany, but middle DS talked for an hour so I did get caught up if in a round about fashion:))
 I love getting those wishes.  I intend to make use of them. A wish from a friend is the best thing to receive.

There were Flowers delivered all the way to the Attic  :) There was a toy, laid gently on my keyboard in the afternoon (Ipod Nano) and invitation for a short road trip via a few fabric shops to a shoreline town with a lovely hot tub & pool facility, for the next day.  Just what a Pieces needs in the depth of winter.

We out ran a snow storm on the way back, just as it got totally too ucky for man or beast to be out and about.
Live is good.
Happy Sunday,
then today happened...the cat ate the ear buds from the ipod...and I shattered the one and only coffee pot in the house

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