Saturday, March 17, 2012


Wow lots of folks like the colour green.  I like it too.  I have very little in my wardrobe, unless you count ear rings..but I have 4 green quilts, have made 5 green quilts...and working on another one with lots of green.   My first quilt is a small yellow and green log cabin.
Do not have a picture of that least I can't find a picture.  I know where the quilt is though  :)
Then there's this basket one.   I purchased a kit, one winter when I was depressed.  Trust me it's very green, check out the back.

This  twenty patch was a 'find'  there were about ten completed blocks when I found it for the pricely sum of $2.00
The back on this one is a hodge podge of left arounds...mostly yellow.

This also is made from left over the details here

Remember to leave a comment  to qualify for the  'green's....see the previous Blog Hop post.
Hope your Saturday is as good as mine...which is very fine.

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