Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter and Summer

We have been experiencing another blast from Father Winter. I watched it snow while I quilted this little Quilt, which celebrates winter. There is a second batt in the body of the quilt to facilitate extra 'poofy'. I believe this extra batt made for some thread issues, so I changed thread mid stream and all ended well. Apparently I was using a thread recommended for piecing....I have used it before.
This one should be finished today.  It was snowing while I worked on this one.  But, it had me thinking about a forth coming wedding in August...wondering if the mother of the groom (me) would be able to wear flip-flops.(grin)

  I had to do some frog stitching on one side of this quilt.  I didn't notice the fullness, did not like the way it looked.  If I am not pleased with the result how can the client.
More on this one that later......

Happy Tuesday,

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