Saturday, April 9, 2011

Later that same year...

It's one of those "I can't believe it has been a month since I blogged" moments. Where does the time go? The university grads that call this place home, tell me that time is a concept.  Sure think about that when you want a three minute egg, or the noodles 'el dente'. If this sounds like a complaint it is NOT.  Those young men will soon be off to other parts of the world. When we see each other again ...well  only time will tell. (grin) Son # 2 has taken a teaching position in Sweden and son #3 has a job offer in Calgary. Everyone is happy!
Anyway, time between eggs(breakfast) and noodles (dinner) I have done some quilting.
I finished this commissioned quilt(as a wedding gift)

I have pieced this pattern before, but contrary to what I thought I did not find it any faster, and only slightly boring, I think new patterns are far more fun.  I like the challenge of something new.
I sent the other quilt like this one to my Mom for her birthday.  

I also quilted one made with flying geese blocks.  My first client quilt was very similar, but a night mare for a beginner, not knowing any better I outline a gazillion geese.  This one was quick, using a favourite panto called 'popcorn'.

I have done a few other smaller quilts and will post pictures later...gotta get on with the day as company is coming for lunch.
Happy Saturday Friends,