Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Oh Yeah!  January is gone.....and it flew by!
Last Saturday I tried something I wanted to do, for sometime.  I have been inspired again to
try, by seeing a  more scrap busting style quilts on a yahoo group I joined called Stash Busters.
I cut and pieced a crib quilt in an afternoon.   Whew!  I  received a lovely box of coordinated fabrics, of which I used a few and was left with a group that just called to be made in to a happy quilt for a small creature.  I thought I would experiment with these. Of course as you know it isn't a quilt yet.  It doesn't look like much....but getting closer. I learned a lot and I want to try it again. It's liberating to cut and sew and watch it grow.
  One thing I learned, I am not great at hurrying...but I did sew a small simple quilt top in an afternoon.
Therefor I should be able to get a special wedding quilt finished by August...unless I get sidetracked making small smiley quilts.
I am thinking of a plain back, and quilted with flowers and a butterfly or two.....use up some thread spool ends.
Fun  :)

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