Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CSA Farms Canada

a bag of baby spinach
a bag of baby swiss chard (red, yellow and green stemmed)
a handful of scapes
a pint of pea pods
a bunch of kale
a bundle of white radishes
a head of lettuce (romaine)
2 small bunches of herbs (winter savory, oregano)
and a bouquet of field flowers :)

This is what was in my CSA Farm basket last Wednesday.  I have linked you to information and a listing of CSA farms, if you are wondering what I am on about. Mostly I think it important to support the people that feed us.  Mike Reid is one of those people.
That is a mess of greens for 2 adults, one adult is away and left before I got the basket.  So I blanched and froze the kale. And I have been adding spinach to the dog's food.   Hah! and he gets lots of comments on his shiney coat.  Yes, I cook for my dog, don't you?

 I  researched  recipes for pea pods and served them blanched with a sprinkle of salt, lemon juice and finely diced sweet white onion.  Yum.  As my Dad said " all those greens, gonna make your
nose twitch like a bunny".  Folks coming to dinner tonight, (this afternoon I am picking up this week's basket) they are going to have  a selection of greens! The bags were generous.
Will post a pic of today's market basket later or tomorrow :)

Happy Hump Day

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