Monday, July 18, 2011

July 1st and Yard sale find..wahoo!

July 1st is Canada Day  & Parade time.....yeah I know I am a posting late :)) but I wasn't late  for the goes right by our home.  I like to show quilts.
And this guy was a huge hit and made lots of folks smile.

The next day, Saturday  DH and I took a road trip which included  a Quilt Shop.  On the way, we saw a sewing machine at a yard sale. I had to look,and I had to buy.
Yes, dear it says $35.  It  is very dirty.

It took a couple of hours of thorough and gentle cleaning and it runs!! 
A properly wound bobbin and now it runs reasonably well. Still a little tweaking required... need to read the manual.
``After`` pictures coming....

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