Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tidy Up Time

Procrastination has hit an all time high in the Attic.  I stay busy whileI procrastinate.  I  'tidy' when I procrastinate, or another way to put it is to say I  sharpen All my pencils before I start. In this case I sorted fabric.  I felt every last piece.  I folded and sorted. Any piece less then a 1/4 m.  is in a laundry basket. (A project for another pencil sharpening attack.) Pieces between .25 and 1 m. are folded one way, one meter or larger is folded another way, both are folded to fit the storage unit.   I am so impressed....I impress easily, tis true. But look at this,  is it not marvelous!

From this to 


and this and four fully folded drawers more. (Great alliteration eh!)
 Now I really must get those Christmas sewing projects
started.  hee hee 

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