Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Numbers and Colours a Question.

2013!  Some days I am startled,  or is that I startle when that number 2013 rolls across my brain.
I wonder what it is about that number?
So here's an odd question, do any of you 'see' or associate a colour with a number?
Wishing everyone an exemplary 2013!   On to quilting  :)
 This quilt is called Rose Cottage, lots of sweet applique, lots of buttons. This was stitched freehand from the front. The piecer knows about the pros & cons of sewing on the buttons before quilting...her choice.

Here it is displayed on a queen size bed

The colours are not very clear in this picture of a crib size quilt.  I find  it a very pleasing green, looks a tad grey here.  A very quick all over large stipple is all this needed. 
Wahoo....I am sure enjoying having the long arm in a warm room in stead of the very cool Attic.
Happy Wednesday...good ol hump day...weekends almost here.

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  1. I think I remember seeing that sheep quilt in a magazine. I liked it then, and I like yours too. Such a sweet baby quilt!


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