Friday, December 27, 2013

It is Winter!

It is winter now, and there is no way I can forget that except when I look at the new header on this blog.  The picture tells it all....all about summer. A season I like a lot more then winter.
Here's a picture of what it really looks like here.  This was taken a few days ago, and the accumulation continues. Luckily the "2013 Ontario Ice Storm" did not reach this far north.  What we are getting is called "lake effect snow".  You may need to google that phrase.

We have had a lot of excitement, since I last posted.  I have not posted sooner about the events here as I did not want to steal the new Mom`s thunder! She need to tell the world first. We have a new family member.  She arrived a few days earlier then anticipated.  All is well with mom & baby and this newly minted Granmother is over the moon.
Uncle with Baby

Grandma G with Baby
 Oh did I mention Baby is a girl. Wahoo...raising three boys this will be
new territory. Can you tell from the picture that I am in love. The best present ever!
Happy Winter folks,

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  1. Congratulations, Gudrun! She is lovely, and you look delighted.


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