Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Lily & Oriental with Metallic Fabrics

I am a lucky gal....

I found this top for sale at a local quilt store. I quilted and bound it, now I am going to 'highlight' it.
I am starting with some trapunto and beading.
More to come....

I also worked this week, (tsk tsk...ya' ll thought I vacation all summer eh!) quilted this Oriental fabrics quilt, with a simple Gingko leaf.  The backing is a gold metallic fabric, as well lots of metallic fabrics on the front.  I found lots of 'metallic gunk' ( a specially specific name for a new to me phenomena ) in the bobbin race.  I am thinking this stuff is what gave the long arm tension headaches. sigh. I did all the tricks and tips I have learned over the past 5 years (yikes already!) of long arming to deal with tension.   I ended up blowing a fuse and having to make a trip to purchase a replacement and spares, in a near but still away hardware store  blah blah not the way I planned that day.  The good  news is Client is coming over this am so that means payday..Yeah!  I hope she likes it.  
It is a gift from the bride to a sister that  is 'standing' up with her on the big day. The pictures here do it little justice many large scale prints where left in large pieces to get a 'picture' of the fabric,  some are large portions of panels...of which I own one. 
wishing you all a happy Thursday,

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