Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've been busy

 What I did on my vacation.  The room at the front of our house, isn't use except as guest room.  It will continue to have a bed in it, and my stuff.  I have divided my personal sewing from my business sewing and am in the process of moving personal stuff out of the attic....well most of it  :)  I also hope to save energy by not heating the attic as often.
 This is an after picture, three days ago this closet had 'wood' wall paper on the lower half and some kind of light colour from many years ago in the top half.  I am thinking it has been no less then 30 years since last painted.
Day one.   I painted it in a found green which was too dark for my liking. 
Day two.    This found yellow is perfect.

Day three.  Moving in

Still lots to do.  Part of the electrical tangle is the old time floor polisher standing against the wall on the right.  I need to work on the of cables... as always. Dylan taught me a word for that but it isn't one to be use in public.
Before picture of the bed with all my clothing scattered about.....and the floor polisher from the '50s But actually this is a picture of my newest tool.....Janome Horizon from the '10s.

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