Friday, March 15, 2013

New Picture

I was sent the header picture, and I am totally taken with it.  I am heading out to see those mountains really soon.  In the meantime, I have several quilts that need finishing.  Also want to take some made  gifty things, and there is a project with Community Quilts in my Guild that needs doing.

Yesterday I had a machine mishap. I always test tension, and in doing so run any oil residue off on to a scrap, imagine my surprise after starting the quilting about 10 inches into the work I see a black 'thread' for about 3".  Of, course I am looking at white thread on white fabric.  Ohohwhyme!
  • First cover this in cornstarch, go away and eat a giant piece of cake and drink a soothing cuppa.
  •  Vacuum the cornstarch.  
  •  Unsew the offending section, carefully so as to not to get more smudges. 
  • Locate yellow laundry bar soap, water, clean white terry towel, clean soft tooth brush, then gently rub soap on and dab off with damp corner of terry cloth, don't rub too hard or the fabric will show a wear spot.  Do this twice, insure soap is out, dab back with water and cloth.
  • Think happy thoughts and all will be well.    And it was.
  • This is not the quilt, this is a happy scrappy practice piece for quilting patterns. 

Happy Friday,  gudrun


  1. Thanks for your instructions about dealing with an oily thread. I haven't had that happen (yet), but I'm sure it's a possibility. I think the big piece of cake is the most important step!

    1. you are so right, cake is a big plus to have when dealing with an oily bit :) may you never have oily bits .


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