Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was asked for a baby quilt, to be given as a gift. I didn't have any that I wanted to part with. I didn't want to give away the first one I made to an unknown person, and I sure wasn't ready to give up the I Spy Quilt, another one the thread bled on a white background so....I put this one together. It is a floor cloth for a baby. It has high loft batting, free form piecing and my first attempt at machine applique. I am enjoying the machine applique and am working on another small applique piece.
I am thinking this is rather "modern".  What do you think is it "modern" or just a bit weird?  I like this funky fabric and didn't want to cut too small.

The back is made from my ever shrinking stash of flannels. How big is the stash you ask? It is one
size 12 shoe box size...and not crammed full either. Ha!
Wishing everyone a wonderful melting snow time. Watch out for thin ice.

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