Saturday, March 2, 2013

"In Like A Lion"

The  Winter Grumps are least that
is my life. I decided this winter I would work  at
 keeping the grumps away.
This winter, I invited like minded friends for a day of stitching, and talking
as one of my family calls it,  stitch and kvitch.
The first day the group consisted of nearby friends, as miserable winter
weather  should not to be pushed. The second time was also a snowy
 day....but not bad so five  of us had a few pleasant hours around my table.

Lots of sharing and  binding got done, as well as problem solving.
I think we even  solved a number of world problems.  However, the necessary
implementation for the resolution of these problems  maybe difficult.
(wow lots of syllables in that sentence...I have been reading non fiction)
In the meantime, I am not grumpy, I  having shortened
February by two days of solid play time with friends.

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