Friday, February 8, 2013

A Winter Wonderland

 Picture taken from this upper deck, looking at the hard working person pushing
that snow blower.

 This deck doesn't usually get much snow...but today's snow is a special kind of snow
it comes down sideways.

Still this lovey one done and it has gone home.

 It was quilted with a three leaf design  and small circles. This rail fence  quilt pattern is very forgiving, one reason I like it, also the way one gets secondary patterns with colour placement is another reason.
I don't need another project, but seeing a rail fence has inspired me to start a scrappy version, bust
some of the smaller pieces in my stash. I have a nephew, soon to be a teenager...
It is time I made him a quilt.  I am thinking he has long out grown his 'baby' quilt. 
So, I have started. The first 90 patches are done...only 233 to go...
till again

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