Friday, September 21, 2012

Fur Babies


A few hours later.....

 They are a week old today.....eyes are still closed, but Mama  is leaving them for longer bits of time and more often.  Our other cat is still not aware of them, which is good. The dog looks at them, does that loud snorting smelling and has a distinct puzzled look on his face.  When dog gets too close Mama wraps herself around the kits, and glares at him. Thus far no growling, which is a comfort. The orange one is male, which is usual for orange cats, the coloured one is male and two blacks are female, one of the black ones has a white tipped tail and a chest blaze.  At first glance the other black appears to be all black, but I believe I see  some dark grey stripes developing in her fur.
So that's the story here this past week.
let me know if your in my neighbourhood and would like a Kitten  :)

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  1. Sweet! Two of the kittens look very familiar to our first two. Saw them at 2 weeks and picked them up at 8 weeks.

    Barb R.


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