Monday, October 1, 2012

It's a Project

First there was the wedding and lots of company.   I had so much fun...maybe too much fun cuz now then the work began.

 We started on a home improvement projects. Our home circ 1912,  needs some fixing.  We have the 'aluminum guys' coming to do some outside work, soon we hope  :))   The arborist and crew will be pruning trees and removing one  :(
We are doing some inside work. Gone is the rusty brown coloured carpet.  Underneath we found  a hardwood perimeter and a soft wood center, very splintery.  This centre received an immediate painting, a couple of coats of floor paint in a light colour. The hard wood needs some work as well, all together not too bad.  As I am not a fan of wall to wall carpet, I am very glad the carpet is gone.

Also gone is the old green dog/fold out couch...and as we are mostly? empty nesters there will be a re-arranging of the spaces/rooms, a more practical approach to our space and habits.  Of course the couch is still on the deck, as it needs to be separated from all it's metal for re-cycle.  Fun with a sledge hammer.
Stay tuned for the wall colours...and such.
Happy witchey and warlock friends.

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  1. Looking GOOD Gudrun !!!!!

    Having just rid our home of the last of the wall to wall has cut down on the coughing. I am totally with you on that.

    Happy Renovations !!!! Isola


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