Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still quilting.

Today was the last Guild meeting of the season.  I had a great afternoon. Lots of fun.
I took part in a Guild challenge.  It was called "Name that Tune".
I also took part in a year long challenge to step out of my box or comfort zone.... I wanted to  try some new things that have been demonstrated by guild members over the last few months. So here's what I did.... first.
Picked a song I liked, got the lyrics and printed them.  Then cut these up and re arranged them (just a bit) and took a picture.  Took lots of pictures with different views and focuses..

Next, I found an old beat up guitar in our barn. (Lots of good stuff in the barn  :))  and on a sunny evening which makes for lots of great shadows, I took a lot of pictures of this,  finally printed one onto a light mottled tan fabric.  I iron the fabric onto white freezer paper and use this in the printer.

I added ' musical' fabric, a couple of skinny green borders, and repeated the 'musical' fabric in a binding.

some thread painting, a few fancy stitches programmed into the sewing machine and
some trapunto 

Have you guessed the name o that tune?  I'll give you a hint.  Neil Young.

Happy Summer,
ps don't know how I go some text on white but hey kinda neat...and I am not going to fight with blogger today 


  1. Well done. How big is the quilt?

  2. Hi Delores, thanks for the kudo :)

    This piece is about 14 x 18...I am thinking of removing the bottom 5 inches.


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