Saturday, July 14, 2012

There's a saying....

"I have been busier then a one arm woman in a paper hanging contest".... It took me a while before I got this one, I always thought of paper hanging as 'kiting', then someone said "think wall paper"....doh!

 Where have I been  and why haven't I managed to post in so long?  Well.... when the weather is warmer, I go slower,  :))  in addition I am happily overwhelmed  with company.  It seems 2012 is our summer of visitors.  There's a little time till the next visitor....Hi Donna.

I have quilted two smaller quilts. This picture does not do the colour combination  justice.  The green doesn't look green at all.  I was asked for a three leaf  meander in a matching grey, and add the date and maker's initials.  White backs are intimidating, especially with a dark coloured thread  but that's just me.

This one was done for a young fella finishing his training  in the Canadian Navy. It was needed in a 'hurry', the hurry job consisted of a few maple leaf motifs and meander filling.  I love the strips.

 Happy Saturday friends,

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